What we're all about...

Stayfit is a Boston based Corporate Health & Wellness Online Personal Training company. We are industry experts on exercise, nutrition and healthy living.  

Frankie Fit

President & Founder

Frankie Fit is president and founder of Stayfit, with facilities located in Brookline, MA & Natick, MA.

A highly sought-after personal heath & wellness coach for adult professionals, Frankie has helped business executives achieve their highest level of fitness. Behind Frankies expertise, Stayfit has rapidly established itself as a go-to high performance resource among Bostons corporate population - and those that come from across the country and abroad to experience Stayfit's cutting-edge methods. Frankie is perhaps best known for his extensive work with corporate executives and recent, with more than 100 professionals traveling to train with him each quarter.

Frankie, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise, received his Bachelors Degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in May of 2012.

At Umass, Frankie was involved in varsity strength and conditioning and research on human anatomy & physiology.   

As a avid powerbuilder powerlifter, Frankie holds several state, national, and world records. He is recognized as a coach who can jump, sprint, and lift alongside the best of them to push his clients to higher levels - and keep them healthy in the process.

Although prepared in a variety of bodies of knowledge, Frankie specializes in applied movement physiology and biomechanics correction as they relate to program design and rehabilitative exercise, postural restoration, strength development and performance enhancement.