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Online Fitness & Wellness Training

From recent to tenured corporate executives, along with anyone in between, it's safe to say we all have a lot on our plates. We're working insane hours, juggling too many responsibilites and wearing too many hats. Finding the time to stay in shape has never been more difficult. No matter the walk of life you come from, if low on time and looking to get in shape, this website is for you.

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Training Plans & Nutrition Guidance

Acesss reusable training plan templates for every goal with an exercise database containing 3,000+ animated exercises. Easily generate personalised nutrition plans so we can work on your fitness in the kitchen as well.

Stayfit motivated me to improve my health. They showed me the steps necessary to get in shape.

Their industry expertise helped me better understand and prioritize my fitness goals. I was setup with a realistic exercise and nutrition program that worked with my busy schedule.

Their guidance has helped me develop a positive mindset about my health and wellness. They've shown me how to find time to exercise.

Matthew Johnson Managing Partner - Oracle Corporation

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all in one personal training experience
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Comprehensive Progress Tracking

Assessing progress becomes easy with our online progress tracking featrues. Accessible via the mobile app or the web platform, you’ll be able to keep an eye on how you're doing whenever, wherever.

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Healthy Living

If you would like to shed body fat, achieve a more fit and healthy physique, then this is the one-stop-shop. 
Stayfit helped me understand the importance of a work life balance. Their all in one personal training solution was perfect for my busy corporate life! I was set up with a personalized workout program, nutritional guidance and all the support I needed along the way to succeed. Thanks Stayfit!

Stephanie Locker VP of Marketing - Ropes & Gray LLP

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all in one personal training experience